Sports, Recreation and Culture

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Arts and culture

Associations and services dedicated to arts and culture. Includes cultural and artistic activities provided by non-profit or public organizations: music shows, theatre, cinema, exhibitions and more.

Clubs and social events

Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals of all ages to meet and socialize with their peers.

Community recreation centres

Agencies providing services, along with cultural, social, recreation and sports activities for people of all ages and families.

Day camps and specialized camps

Programs that provide supervised recreational activities during school breaks for children or people living with a disability.


Organizations offering leisure activities for the entire population.


National, municipal and community public libraries.

Municipal sports and recreation services

Cities and municipalities offices responsible for programming and organizing community, cultural and sports activities for citizens.


Organizations offering sports activities for the entire population.

Sports and recreation for people with a disability

Programs that provide opportunities for people with functional or cognitive disabilities to participate in recreational activities and sports.