Education and Literacy

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Academic and vocational guidance

Programs that provide information and guidance for people who need to evaluate their aptitude, abilities and interests in order to choose a vocation or a field of study.

Computer workshops

Programs that provide instruction for individuals who want to learn about or perfect their skills in utilizing computers, computer-related hardware and related technology such as smartphones and tablets.

Difficulties and learning disabilities

Support programs and special education institutions for people with difficulties or learning disabilities.

Homework assistance and tutoring

Telephone hotlines, online assistance and in-person programs offered after school to help students with homework assignments.

Language courses

Francisation programs and other classes for people who want to learn or perfect their skills in another language.


Programs providing lessons focused on reading, writing and mathematics to people of all ages unable to read or write properly.

Public education

Community-based education organizations. Programs and activities to support culture and awake general public interest.

School perseverance

School dropout prevention programs for youth and young parents. School perseverance and back to school programs for youth.

School service centers

Agencies in charge of managing and coordinating school services for primary and secondary public schools.

Vocational training, Cégeps and Universities

Public postsecondary education institutions. Graduate, undergraduate, pre-university and technical education programs.