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Christmas basket

Programs that supply food baskets to low-income community residents during Christmas season.

Collective kitchens and cooking workshops

Agencies enabling people to share their time, money and skills to prepare economic, healthy and delicious meals they can bring home.

Community gardens and markets

Programs making plots of land available so that groups of people can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Food aid for pregnant women and children

Programs that supply food for baby and mother. Also includes homemade purees workshops.

Food Assistance

Agencies supplying food and vouchers to specific groups or communities in need, mainly through food banks and counters, low-cost grocery stores, Magasins-Partage or emergency food assistance.

Food assistance coordination

Consultation commitees on hunger and programs that gather and distribute food products to charitable agencies.

Food assistance in schools

Programs that provides supplementary nutrition at the beginning of the school day or at lunchtime for school children.

Low cost or free meals

Community organizations offering low-cost or free meals to people on a low-income, seniors or homeless.

Prepared meals and Meals-on-wheels

Programs preparing and delivering on a regular basis, hot or frozen meals at affordable prices to seniors or people with disabilities who are unabled to do their own grocery or cook their meals.