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Dental care

Programs that provide dental care at affordable prices.


Coordination programs for emergency services: answering and assessment of emergency calls, diagnostic services and treatment available 24 hours a day.

Eye care

Programs that provide optometry services at affordable prices.

Family planning

Programs that provide information or services that deal with contraception, infertility, sterilization, genetic disorders or othe family planning topics.

Funeral cooperatives

Organizations that provide simple, reasonably-priced cremation or burial services.

Home care

Programs that make necessary medical services available in the homes of people who are aged, ill or convalescing.

Hospitals, CLSC and community clinics

Medical institutions and health care clinics that provide comprehensive primary health care, diagnostic and treatment services.

Palliative care

Programs that provide a complete range of support services to terminally ill patients and their families.

Patient support associations

Support groups and associations for patients and their families: information and referral, listening and follow-up, psychosocial support.

Public Health

Programs designed to protect and improve public health in order to prevent, control and eradicate any disease or environmental hazard.